eBook World Atlas for Kindle

The eBook World Atlas is an eBook for Kindle e-book reader with fresh data of more than 240 countries and areas of the world, with maps of continents, flags and basic maps of all the countries. Hundreds of hyperlinks for quick navigation in the book, maps of continents specially edited for Kindle, information about people, economics, politics, history, crime and other important characteristics of the countries. All the data are fresh (2017/8 if available) from CIA Factbook, U.S. Department of States and other authoritative sources. This book is a must for anyone who from time to time needs information about a place on Earth.

Presidents of the USA and Their Wives: Take a look at our second book about US Presidents and their Wives. Included are information about the White House, Air Force One, Camp David etc.

Contact and Publishing rights: The worldwide publishing rights for the World Atlas 2018 ebook has the Bispiral, s.r.o. company. If you want to contact us, please write to authors@ebookworldatlas.com.

Look inside the book

Look inside the book and see what you may see in your Kindle ebook reader. Just a few examples:

Title page, country page, country map, country - economy, one part of Europe map, one part of Time Zones map

Using the eBook on your Kindle

1) Some text in the book is active. Move cursor to the selected text and press the cursor button to get, for example, a map or a country.

2) Move the cursor to a map and press the cursor button to zoom in. (If supported by your e-book reader.)

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